Routine Eye Exams

Complete Eye Exams in Newport News

The frequency of recommended eye exams for healthy individuals varies based on age:

  • age <50: every 5 years
  • 50-60: every 2 years
  • >60: every year
  • Diabetic patients and patients suspicious for glaucoma should have an exam at least once a year
Presbyopia is a normal age-related process whereby people lose the ability to “pull the image in” to see up close even with satisfactory distance vision.
All our routine eye exams are complete, meaning that we examine your eyes all the way from the front of the eye to the back of the eye to ensure that everything is healthy. Typically, dilation is necessary to fully appreciate the back of the eye. The drops we use to dilate your eyes usually wear off in 2-3 hours; your vision will be blurry and you will be light-sensitive during this time. We provide disposable sunglasses to help with recovery from dilation. Many people are still able to drive after dilation; however, if you are older or have other difficulties, driving after dilation may be difficult and you should consider bringing someone with you to drive you home.
A refraction means we are measuring your glasses prescription. Please see our refraction policy. If you need a prescription for contact lenses, additional information is required. This may take multiple visits to ensure the best fit. Please let us know when scheduling your appointment if you need a prescription for contact lenses.